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12 Random Things I Learned in 2012

In no particular order…

1. There’s a very big difference between being patient and waiting for something to happen.

2. From a man holding a sign along the highway: “All I need is food, thank you.”

3. Where you search for meaning is not always the same place you find it.

4. Gratitude is a dog you rescued from the shelter on $5 Friday, rubbing against your feet and whipping her tail against your ankles.

5. Sometimes when things don’t happen the way you’d hoped they would, they turn out better than you could have imagined.

6. Grape leaves are delicious.

7. Romance, in the beginning, is all about the Ifs of will you end up together. Years later, it becomes about smaller moments, the things you’ve built, the Hows of let’s stay together, always.

8. I can do this. So can you.

9. I used to be skeptical of the belief that motherhood changes you until I saw my sister become a mom. She’s still the same person, but there’s also a new part of her that was born the same day her daughter was.

10. It’s important to surround yourself with people who are so proud of you they’re confident you’ll win a Pulitzer one day. That way, how they see you (up on some crazy high pedestal) and the way you see yourself (never giving enough credit, own-worst-critic-and-all) evens out to someone you really should be proud of in the end.

11. A rediscovery—writing in cursive is slower than typing, faster than writing in print, and more liberating than both.

12. Not all broken hearts can be mended. There are people whose hearts will always have a gaping hole in them, and this is why kindness matters.

Note: any posts published before Dec. 2017 were previously lost and then recovered when I switched web hosts. Though the posts were recovered, the comments were not.

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