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15 Things I Learned in 2015

  1. How to throw a punch.

  2. That I’m stronger than I think.

  3. Compassion for only those just like us is not compassion; it’s self-interest.

  4. To teach is to learn without keeping all the good stuff to yourself.

  5. The joy of hiking.

  6. As a matter of fact, I really, really do like Indian food.

  7. Gratitude for my body and what it’s done for me, despite the rough times.

  8. There is no truth that doesn’t come undone a bit when you look at it from the opposite side.

  9. How ugly pride can be.

  10. How beautiful humility.

  11. From a late night talk with family: “We all have a choice between two realities: that which we live through and that which we suffer through."

  12. The joy of a thrift shop gem discovery.

  13. How to strip and refinish furniture—and that keeping what I have and making it new is more rewarding because it’s preserving history.

  14. For beings made up entirely of memory, we forget all too easily.

  15. People will surprise you with their capacity to change. People will surprise you with their capacity to change you.

Note: any posts published before Dec. 2017 were previously lost and then recovered when I switched web hosts. Though the posts were recovered, the comments were not.

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