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At their core, my novels are stories about the lives torn apart by political systems that are abused or broken. My family left my birthplace of Lima, Peru during a time of violence and turmoil; the political has always been, and continues to be, deeply personal.


I find myself constantly exploring what is lost and what is gained when we migrate. What does home mean, what does belonging mean, and how do we exist within spaces marked by invisible yet deeply felt borders?


During readings, panels, workshops, and performances, I explore fact-based fiction, family history, immigration and the links between trauma, violence, memory and grief, and the importance of amplifying the voices of marginalized people—all from an intersectional feminist perspective.


I'm especially interested in new approaches to the craft of writing that question and examine the privileged perspectives that have shaped it. As someone who founded and runs her own marketing company, I am also available to speak about the intersections between being a business person and an artist.



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Photo by Scott David Gordon